Lori Katz is a certified dog trainer.  She has been serving the South Bay Area including Santa Cruz county as a dog trainer since 2001.  She offers classes an private consultations.  Call: 831.685-DOGS(3647) to set up an appointment or for more information.


lori and Maggie

Lori Katz with Maggie, her service dog.

My 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Maggie, has served as my Medical Alert Dog for 10 years. In addition she was a reading dog for non English and shy readers to read to in the Watsonville grade schools as well as a participant in the Maple St. Clinic’s Cancer Detection Dog program. She was rescued from a puppymill as a breeder with a broken back from having been beaten. She was evidence #85 and the felony count for beating made her evidence #86 as well. I live on disability when I’m not able to teach classes. Kindred Spirit classes are free and also for donations. I teach as my disability allows.

We are currently pursuing a set of wheel designed for disabled dogs to help her get around. If we had a set of wheels we could resume many of her charitable duties. This would help her work with her own mobility disability and allow her to go on wonderful walks while sniffing it all in.

Lori the Dog Trainer 1972

Lori’s first dog training partner, Butch Cassidy- 1972

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