Lori Katz, Certified Dog Trainer since 2001
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Please notes that dogs must be in good health and older than 10 weeks and current on immunizations. For Puppy I, pups need to have received their first 2 sets of immunizations.

Family Dog I/Puppy I Training Course
Owner/guardians learn how to teach their dogs good manners and basic obedience. Skills taught include: sit, down, stay, come, no jumping up, loose-leash walking, leave-it, wait at doors, go to place, and more. Additional skills include learning to settle, pre-agility training, and getting used to working around other dogs and distractions in a controlled, fun setting.

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NEW CLASS: Surf and Turf
Work with your dog both on-leash and off at the beach and in the forest.

Surf n Turf

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Family Dog 2
This exciting course is for graduates of FD I, Puppy I, or equivalent. You’ll refine and expand the skills you’ve learned in Family Dog I. Your dog’s good manners and your handling skills will be assessed in the CGC at the culmination of the course.

Intermediate skills taught include working with your dog at a distance, American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) preparation and evaluation, Tricks, Recall, and Agility Obstacles. You’ll gain valuable experience working with your dog with distractions such as kids, adolescent and feisty dogs.

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Our most popular class for graduates of Family Dog I, this course introduces you and your dog safely to this super fun activity. You’ll learn tunnels, jumps, see saws, pause table, weave poles, and tire jumps.

Maggie Agility

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Fun Tricks for Treats Class
Ever wonder how to have your dog delight in crawling, weaving through your legs or retrieving the remote? This is a class that requires you and your dog to have completed a basic class of at least 6 weeks.

useful Tricks

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American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test Preparation and Evaluation
Have you ever thought about you and your dog becoming a Therapy Dog Team or a Service Dog/Handler Team.  Check out the AKC’s CGC description of the 10 areas upon which you will be evaluated:

If you think you’ve got the right stuff or are interested in solidifying this relevant skill set, join us and let the journey begin!!

Darling Service and Therapy Dog

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Service and Therapy Dog Training

We’ll work with you and your Service or Therapy Dog Candidate to achieve the Public Access standards. For Service Dog Candidates, you will learn tasks to mitigate the symptoms of your disability. Therapy Dog Teams will be matched with placements you and your dog will enjoy.

Service Vest


Junior Dog Trainers Camp
Junior Dog Trainers Camp is a week long summer camp where teens learn valuable dog training skills while helping shelter dogs improve their manners and enhance adoptability.

Four teens (age 13+) will join Lori Katz, Certified Dog Trainer:

  • Learn basics of animal training theory and technique
  • Train shelter/rescue dogs in basic good manners
  • Learn how to teach potential adopters how to train their dog to sit, down, come, and wait at doorways
  • Get 8 hours of supervised community service
  • Teach shelter/rescue dogs agility skills to improve their confidence and have fun
  • Teach shelter/rescue dogs tricks such as shake, crawl, and spin
  • Learn the basics of responsible dog ownership

junior dog trainer camp.jpg.exporting

Junior Trainers



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